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Update: WordPress plugin was submitted on Jan 9, 2012:


RUH (“aRe yoU a Human?” or “pRove yoU are a Human”) software is one of the image-based CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) which helps to struggle with spam.  The uniqueness of RUH is that image database consists of several main categories, and some of them divided by subcategories.  The owner of the database can be provided with a utility which creates it (database) from a directory tree.  In current implementation there should be N-1 categories, where N is a number of images shown as the challenge, currently 9.  So, having categories and subcategories, challenged person (or a robot) has to select two most closely related objects.  They (objects) might be either from the same category, or from the same subcategory.  Each time it is randomly decided.  For example, if once a hammer and a saw match as two objects from ‘Tools’ main category, another time one has to select two hammers, or two saws, from ‘Hammers’ or ‘Saws’ subcategories, respectively.  Please see examples below.

As you can see from Fig. 1, the closest two objects from nine shown are jets and a vessel – they are both from ‘Machinery’ main category.  On Fig. 2, despite that there are three images with animals (‘Animals’ main category), the dogs are better choice, because they belong to ‘Dogs’ subcategory of ‘Animals’.

Please leave your comments, I am open for discussion.





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7 thoughts on “pRove yoU are a Human!

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  5. Hi.
    I’ve installed your captcha plugin in my blog. I am running WordPress 3.5.1. It’s working fine, despite the warning that it was not tested in that version. I think you’ve done a nice job.
    I’d like to give you a suggestion: the idea is pretty good, but it’s a kind of difficult chosing the two similar images. For example: I got one test where there were three images of tools, four images of animals and the right answer was two horses. But it could be the tools as well. Maybe if you use not so similar images it could be easier for not so smart people, huh? 😉


    • Hi Paulo,

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I know it is a little bit complicated to distinguish between some cases. My database is just a rough set of pictures which I compiled during 5-6 days. The main idea is that the same pictures might be treated differently depending on what subset is checking. For example, sometimes it might be horses, sometimes – a horse and a frog. In your example there where no tools of the same kind, i.e. two sets of hammers, or pliers, right? But if you see a hammer and pliers, and all the other pictures have nothing to do with tools, then the answer is hammer and pliers :) I understand, that it is not obvious every time, but just do not have time to gather nice distinguashible set of pictures. Theoretically, they can be anything from spaceships to cookies, it is just matter of time and good design. I did it in my free time, but it is very limited :/ I am open for any suggestions about pictures. It should be eight main categories with any subset of distinguishable subcategories. Such algorithm (matching pictures from either the same categories (horse and frog), or the same subcategories (horse and horse)) makes almost impossible it’s automatization, especially if you change your database from time to time.

      Thank you again,

    • I can send you a text file with English messages and empty places for translation, no problemo. Then, after you translate it, I will compile it to binary form and post it to WP repository as update.

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